segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011


We, human beings, trapped in the present moment unbelievers, to the point of almost succumb to any difficulty, is a setback in life or is something else. Fear and uncertainty take our sleep, and spent endless minutes, imagining the worst, afraid that a moment's notice, something might fall on our heads, our lives. There is no way to ignore the feelings that hijack our fragile hearts.
We remain suffering from temporary difficulties, which we do not realize the grandeur of the world and the truths of life.
If you have not cried in fear and have courage enough to face the realities that do not seem friendly or nice, because in our intimacy is not to have faith, hope.
We lack the courage to believe. We lack the humility to believe.
The pains that come to us and touch us are learning opportunities and moving to a new stage of evolution, because they are indispensable for our purification and renewal.
Are we interested in learning?
Everything is fleeting and momentary, but it also has its motive and its usefulness in our development.

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