segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011


These days, a wave of pessimism seems to have taken hold of people.
We hear the elderly, looking to the past, and people who mourn, saying, Oh, my time was so different.
Shake their heads negatively, looking for young people who talk about getting in and grab that seem to have forgotten all the rules of modesty and good taste.
Longing, those who matured in life, remember the time with his girlfriend, where to get the hand of her boyfriend has meant a serious commitment.
Hearing all this, is to be drawn, we will also contaminate us by. And we will all see it that way.
As if the romance had died, love had been replaced by expressions of mild affection one fantasy, which today is and tomorrow is thrown away.
However, not all young people no longer dream of beautiful things. And love is still in fashion. The romance exists in the souls who love the beautiful, the good.
We found that, in many attitudes found in youth. How many girls dream of the debutante ball, to be ensnared by a young beautiful and entering the hall, the sound of an exciting waltz?
We note, in concerts that have proliferated around the world, occurring in large stadiums to thousands of people. There are present the most varied ages: children, youth, adults, seniors.
And each is moved in its own way with the orchestra, music, dance, colors and lights.
Some cry remembering the loves already experienced, past experiences, and other thrill is dreaming of the future that aims for you, the sound of the chords that follow the show and what is shown on stage.
They sigh and dream, dream of having a love that is eternal, having a pair for life, a couple kiss them gently, you have gestures of love, and so the tears come to them in the eyes.
Yes, love has not died. The girls continue to dream gentlemen, and they, with real ladies.
Let us not pollute, because the wave of pessimism that is present in many beings.
Let us find these hearts barely out of childhood, dreaming of a future of joy, love and beauty.
Beside these creatures that seem to call for nothing but for the moment, thousands of souls long for a better future for this planet, starting with idealize and strive for their own true happiness.

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