terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011


It's the sun that dries your tears,
the pulp that sweetens your smile is beautiful and fascinating.
A friend is one that came with your victories,
jokes softening problems.
It is those who have fear, pain, joy, just like you.
And who knows what living is to have stories to tell.
It's who smiles at you for no apparent reason,
who is suffering from your suffering.
Friends are those who hear you on the phone even when the connection is chaotic, with the same pleasure and attention as if it had looked in your eyes.
Friend is who speaks and listens with his eyes,
It is one who sees in your eyes, wishes, costumes, joy, fear.
It is he who waits patiently
and get excited when they see that long-awaited come shine in your eyes,
and one who has a word size,
when these same eyes are amplifying inner sadness.
It's new moon is the brightest star,
is light that is renewed every moment, with multiple and
unexpected colors that fit in all of your iris.
A friend is one who says ''I love you'' without any fear of misinterpretation: friend is one who loves you ''and'' READY.
It is truth and reason, dream and feeling.
Friends are forever,
even if not always exist.

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